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  After you join in Reluex, your growth will be closely linked with the company. Sincerely hope that you are pround of being a member of Reluex, take advantage of your best potential capability, demonstrate your knowledge, talent and outstanding attributes as much as possible, and make the maximum intersection between you and our company. Reluex are all with you.

  Our company, like a army, like a school, more like a family. We like a army, have the same discipline as the military, and every order is executed without fail ...... We advocate a culture of strong implementation. We like a school, help you to grow, improve, and progress ...... We advocate a viable academic culture. We like a family, harmony and warmth, solidarity, mutual love, go through thick and thin ...... We advocate a cohesive sense of family culture! Our persuit and ideal are better standards, more ambitious goal and better future!

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