United Kingdom - London.

  It was born in the mid-19th century,

  Its predecessor for a sofa manufacture and sale of small shops in Nottingham,

  this workshop started out high quality handmade shop,

  has been committed to the design and production of the high society of the sofa.

  The RELUEX trade co.,ltd. was established in London in 1918.

  As RELUEX family members in the Health and Medical Research,

  so family Reluex has been advocating healthy living,

  so the development of the health industry.

  Once aristocratic gatherings,

  the family members RELUEX know the famous engineer James

  Mid-20th century, James began to cooperate with the Reluex family.

  As a result, health industry brand RELUEX,

  opened a new page.

  The Reluex family tradition of technology and human health medicine,

  New concept: simple, elegant, stylish, quality, elegance, human health, engineering, and other elements, are injected into the brand, and James electromechanical vibration and pounding principle.

  Precise analog manpower kneading, pounding, massage, vibration action

  combined with uniformity massage from the inside to the outside,

  rapid elimination of fatigue.

  Here, in 1932, was born in London, the world's first massage chair

  Won high recognition and favor of contemporary international nouveaux riches.

  Reluex has now become the world's largest health massage equipment manufacturers, one of the vendors.

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